Information Technology

CCEA approves scheme for establishing data centres

New Delhi, Jan 24: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) today approved the State Data Centre Scheme (SDCS) for establishing data centers across all States and Union Territories (UT).

Now, a facial scanner software that helps fight porn

facial scanner software that helps fight pornSydney, Jan 23: Sc

Net piracy remains a challenge despite repeated crackdowns

Net PiracyNew Delhi, January 18 : Online piracy remains a challenge to protect intellectual

ETS, NIIT Announce Strategic Alliance in India

New Delhi, Jan.

Stealthy Windows virus that can steal bank login information doing the rounds

London, January 12: Security experts are urging internet users to be alert against a stealthy Windows virus that can steal login details for online bank accounts.

Karnataka to cross Rs 70000 crore in IT export

Information TechnologyBangalore, Jan 7: In a significant development the Information Te