'Swipe Gestures' To Be Patented By Apple

'Swipe Gestures' To Be Patented By AppleA patent application for software that lets users control computers and phones using swipes of their fingers has been filed by Apple Inc., maker of the iPhone and iPod Touch media player.

The users would be able to insert spaces, line breaks and uppercase characters by swiping the screen rather than pressing keys via the Apple's system.

Wal-Mart to sell Apple iPhone, just $2 cheap then regular price

Wal-Mart to sell Apple iPhone, just $2 cheap then regular price  After much speculation, US retail giant Wal-Mart on Friday, finally confirmed that it will start selling Apple’s iPhone 3G beginning Sunday at about 2,500 stores, but not at the big discount which many had been anticipating.

The price, with a new two-year service agreement with AT&T (or qualified upgrade), is $197 for the black 8GB model and $297 for the black or white 16GB version, which are just $2 cheap than the usual retail price of the phone.

‘Objectionable’ iBoobs forbidden by Apple

‘Objectionable’ iBoobs forbidden by AppleApple's application store has dismissed the weird application called iBoobs on the grounds of "objectionable content", which has come as an expected move that would disappoint many iPhone users.

The Mystic Game Development has developed this application, which is a computer animation of a large pair of breasts in a bikini top.

The user can wobble it from side to side, or up and down by shaking the iPhone. But Apple ruled that such an application that touches on the verge of virtual sex is objectionable.

Apple To Introduce A New Mouse

Apple To Introduce A New Mouse    Leading electronic devices manufacturer and software development firm, Apple Inc is working on a project to develop a multi-button mouse. It may hit the market in the beginning of New Year.

Apple news platform, MacBlogz had already published its image with details of some features. The pictures are sufficient to sensitize everyone due to its attractive design.  

The new mouse would have aluminum body with attractive look and multi-touch detections for easy and comfortable movement. Its buttons can be replaced by a multi-touch track pad.

Apple To Be The Real Winner This Holiday Season!

Apple To Be The Real Winner This Holiday Season!Apple gadgets are in great demand this Christmas, as US consumers shop for slighter, affordable and versatile electronics.

Whereas the Consumer Electronics Association forecasts flat fourth-quarter sales as compared with last year’s sales, market analysts report Apple stores have been the busiest among electronics retailers.

iPods, previously responsible for 40-50% of Apple’s 4th quarter earnings, are selling in large numbers.

MacBook Pro By Apple Launched In India

MacBook Pro  By Apple Launched  In IndiaApple has unveiled yet another updated version of laptops in India and this new line introduced by the company is called MacBook Pro. The users will get the latest MacBook Pro with notable internal overhaul, including new Penryn-class Intel CPUs, new touch pad gestures and a backlit LED option.