'Swipe Gestures' To Be Patented By Apple

'Swipe Gestures' To Be Patented By AppleA patent application for software that lets users control computers and phones using swipes of their fingers has been filed by Apple Inc., maker of the iPhone and iPod Touch media player.

The users would be able to insert spaces, line breaks and uppercase characters by swiping the screen rather than pressing keys via the Apple's system.

Back in November, research firm NPD Group said that after less than three months on the market, Apple's iPhone 3G passed Motorola Inc.'s Razr to become the most popular handset sold in the U. S. in the third quarter. The device is controlled by the users by tapping and swiping the screen, and entering text using a virtual keyboard.

The users can also use the swipe gesture with desktop computers, notebooks, personal digital assistants, media players and so- called tablet computers, which are portable machines with large touch-sensitive displays, according to the filing.

Back in June 2007, Apple applied for the patent and requests for patents are confidential for 18 months after they are filed.

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