Taylor Swift was picked on by high school bullies

Taylor Swift was picked on by high school bulliesWashington, November 19 : Taylor Swift has revealed that she was often the favourite target of high school bullies.

The country music singer, who made her debut with her hit single ‘Tim McGraw’, said that she was often separated from the regular lot by girls who dubbed her ‘weird’.

"A lot of girls thought I was weird. Actually, the word they liked to use was annoying,” Us magazine quoted her as saying in the December issue of Women''s Health.

“I''d sit at their lunch table and they''d move to a different one,” she added.

The teenager, wrote her first song at the age of eight, further joked she was more popular in high school than she was now.

She said: “It''s funny - I thought my contact list in my phone would grow if I was in the music industry. But I had more people in my phone book when I was in high school!" (ANI)