Swinerton Renewable Energy Selects Advanced Energy Inverters for 325 MW of Solar Projects

A leader in precision power conversion solutions, Advanced Energy Industries, today announced that Swinerton Renewable Energy has awarded the company 325 MW of solar projects.

It is expected that the installation and commissioning of the portfolio of projects will begin in 2015 and continue through the middle to end of 2016.

Swinerton Renewable Energy, being one of the largest solar contractors in the nation and the top solar contractor in California, is specialized in installing utility-scale solar projects throughout North America.

George Hershman, VP and division manager for Swinerton Renewable Energy, said, "After evaluating the inverter market, we determined that the Advanced Energy 1000NX inverter will allow us to maximize our solar energy production while reducing balance of system and construction costs".

The AE 1000NX inverter provides a 98% weighed efficiency rated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and 98.1% peak efficiency.

The inverter's self-contained, closed-loop air-to-liquid cooling system and component selection has been offering maximum rated power at desert temperatures, along with significant balance of system savings from the unique +/-1000VDC topology.

The AE 1000NX, with a full complement of utility controls, also make sure that there is reliable integration of renewable energy into the power system.

Yuval Wasserman, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Energy, said that Advanced Energy's market-leading experience with large solar projects, along with the advanced capabilities of their proven NX product line, will make this inverter the ideal choice for Swinerton's portfolio of utility-scale projects.

Advanced Energy is a global leader in innovative power and control technologies for high-growth, precision power conversion solutions. It is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, with dedicated support and service locations across the world.