Subaru sells nearly 1,000 Solterra EVs in US Market in December 2023

Subaru sells nearly 1,000 Solterra EVs in US Market in December 2023

Subaru, the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation, achieved a significant milestone as it sold nearly 1,000 units of its Solterra EV in the United States during the month of December 2023. Bucking the trend of conventional sales, the Japanese automaker celebrated its 17th consecutive month of increased vehicle sales, which culminated at 57,764 units, representing a notable year-over-year surge of 1.8 per cent. The annual tally for the last year surpassed expectations, with a total of 632,083 cars sold, reflecting a robust surge of 13.6 per cent from the previous year.

In the ever-evolving landscape of EVs, the spotlight gleamed brightly on the brand’s groundbreaking all-electric model, the Subaru Solterra. Designed and developed in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation, the Solterra consistently boasts monthly sales of around the 1,000-unit mark. In the month of December alone, the company sold a total of 956 units of the Solterra in the U.S. market, marking a substantial 16 per cent increase from the previous year and contributing 1.7 per cent to the brand’s overall sales volume. Maintaining impressive sales of 1,000 units per month over a substantial fourteen-month period, this milestone reaffirms the all-electric model's stability.

The triumphant journey of the EV is further highlighted by its robust performance during the final quarter of 2023. Sales during this period jumped to 3,109 units, showcasing an astounding 238 per cent year-over-year surge. The year-end sales figure for the EV in question last year stands at an impressive 8,872 units, constituting approx. 1.4 per cent of the brand’s total sales. This is apparently a remarkable feat considering the modest initial batch of 919 units in late 2022. The year-to-date (YTD) growth percentage for this EV sales skyrockets to a stunning 865 per cent, solidifying its place as a formidable player in the EV market.

With an attractive starting price tag of $44,995, the 2023 Subaru Solterra emerged as a compelling choice in the EV market, thanks to its high-performance driving capabilities and a robust 72.8-kilowatt-hour battery that offers a commendable EPA Combined range of up to 228 miles. While the pricing for the 2024 model year is yet to be unveiled, the current lineup includes the Premium AWD 18-inch, Limited AWD 20-inch, and Touring AWD 20-inch variants. In short, as Subaru pioneers the way forward, the Solterra serves as a living testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to innovation and a more sustainable future.

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