Striped hard drives and quiet laptops: New technology products

New Technology ProductsStriped designs: External hard drives from Toshiba

Toshiba has announced plans to introduce three new external hard drives in late August. The 2.5 inch devices offer up to 160, 250, and 320 gigabytes of storage space respectively, connected via U. S. B 2.0. The hard drives stand out for their unusual design: each casing is black with either green, red or grey stripes. The manufacturer has yet to name a price.

Quiet runner from Leipzig: Business laptop from Schenker

Schenker is offering a new business laptop using Intel's Centrino 2 technology. One key characteristic of the laptop is its quiet running: the machine and its 500 gigabyte hard drive run particularly softly. A Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS graphics chip helps keep the visuals peppy. The unit weighs 2.6 kilos in its base configuration, including a 15.4 inch screen, HDMI output and eSATA port for connecting external hard drives. The computers will cost between 859 and 1499 dollars.

Height-adjustable displays from BenQ

BenQ will be bringing two new height-adjustable displays onto the market in September. The G2200WT and G2400WT can each be shifted by up to 13 centimetres. The 22 inch model offers 1680 x 1050 resolution, while the 24 incher offers 1920 x 1200. Both monitors come with an HDMI port. The cost is estimated at 269 and 399 dollars respectively. (dpa)