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ECS rolls out AMD Motherboards

ECS rolls out AMD Motherboards

ECS has proclaimed its new AMD mother boards termed as - A885GM-A2 and A885GM-M2. These motherboards rely on the latest AMD 880G/SB850 chipsets.

Featuring the latest chipsets these boards boast of AMD Six-Core Phenom II CPU. The CPU known as performance booster increases the act by 50 percent over other older Quad-Core systems. These motherboards also feature ECS's M.I.B. III (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS) bios-level easy over-clocking utility using where patrons can overclock the whole system themselves.

DX11 Part Might be Delayed till March Next Year

DX11 Part Might be Delayed till March Next YearIn October, NVIDIA had introduced to the world its next-generation, DX11, and it was clear that the part, unveiled under the code-name Fermi, was going to be the same as Intel's "Larrabee"?i. e., a fully programable, multi-core, through-out focused processor, with a few graphic-specific hardware bundled. Originally, the part was to launch in November, but now it has been pushed back, and rumor has it that the DX11 would see light of the day in March of the coming year.

Dell to shut US plant; axe 900 jobs

Dell to shut US plant; axe 900 jobsDell, leading US computer hardware company, has informed that it will be shutting down its desktop computer manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by January next fiscal (2010).

The sources informed that the ceasing of the plant will dismiss some 900 workers.

In a separate release Dell has informed that the shut down of the plant is part of company's ongoing initiative to increase the long-term value it supplies to customers by simplifying operations as well as improving efficiency.

MphasiS acquires captive unit of AIG

MphasisIT and BPO Services Company MphasiS has acquired captive unit of the recession-hit insurance firm AIG, beating rival Patni Computers, for an undisclosed amount. Hewlett Packard (HP)-controlled MphasiS had said a few days back that it was in final stages of talks to acquire AIG Systems Solutions (AIGSS), having centers in Chennai and Kolkata.

MphasiS CEO Ganesh Ayyar said: "We have had an excellent relationship with AIG as a customer since 2006 and we believe the captive arm of AIGSS has tremendous capabilities in the insurance vertical and adds to our existing capabilities."

Alienware M17x released by Dell

dellRecently Dell came out with its new Alienware M17x, which is being termed as the most powerful 17-inch gaming notebook in the universe. Perfect for game lovers and technology enthusiasts, this new device delivers a pulse-pounding, life-like experience.

Aleinware, which is being seen as the new standard-bearer in the broader gaming and technology space, represents premium performance in the Dell consumer product portfolio, similar to way Dell's Adamo brand represents premium craftsmanship and design.

Asus Launches New Seashell Eee PC

asusAsus has announced its plan to introduce a compact and light net book Eee PC SeaShell 1101HA in the market, expanding its Eee PC Seashell Series consisting of Eee PC 1008HA, Eee PC 1005HA & Eee PC 1101HA.

The notebook, having screen size of 10.5 hours, has a stylish look and an efficient power saving mechanism to avoid unnecessary power consumption. The new product supports a battery life of 10.5 hours, SATA II 160GB hard disk drive with a facility of 10GB of online Eee Storage.

PC sales post -7% growth rates

PC salesIndia reported negative growth rate of 7 per cent in the Personal Computer segment during the financial year 2008-09, apparently due to low demand across the segment under the impact of global slowdown.

PC sales during the last fiscal 2008-09 stood at 67.9 lakh units, as per data provided by Association for Information Technology (MAIT), the body that represents PC manufactures. However, the body hoped that PC sales may increase in the current year to cross 73 lakh units mark under the improving sentiments of the market.

ASUS launches online forum to provide technical support

ASUS launches online forum to provide technical supportASUS, a leading IT firm has announced that it has rolled out an exclusive online forum, the Ask More forum.

The company has introduced this forum with the aim to provide technical support for its motherboards, graphics cards and LCD monitors.

The sources close to the company said that user's queries regarding ASUS motherboards and graphics card, will get quickly resolved by ASUS advisors on this forum.

The sources further added that this forum will also provide detailed information pertaining to technologies used in ASUS component products.

New exotic material brings highly efficient computer chips closer to reality

New exotic material brings highly efficient computer chips closer to realityWashington, June 16 : U. S. scientists have confirmed that there exists a type of material that could one day provide dramatically faster, more efficient computer chips.

Physicists at the Department of Energy''s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have revealed that this material is called bismuth telluride.

HP tops in PC shipment for Q1

HP tops in PC shipment for Q1

Hewlett-Packard (HP), country’s top computer and laptop maker, has captured 18.2 per cent share in personal computer (PC) market in the first quarter of financial year 2009, retaining its top place in the computer shipment for last four years as per report of research firm IDC.

HCL Infosystems attained second slot with market share of 9.8 per cent in over all PC shipment while Dell again slipped to third position, reporting a market share of 9.7% in the January-March period.

Nova Media announces to launch iCON225 USB based 3G modem for the Apple Macs and Windows PCs

iCON225 USB based 3G modemThe leader in providing mobile data solutions for Macintosh computers – Nova Media has announced to launch iCON225 USB based 3G modem for the Apple Macs and Windows PCs. The Berlin, Germany based Nova Media has stated that iCON 225 helps establishing mobile Internet connections all around the globe.

XFX launches its Radeon HD 4890 Graphics Processing Unit in India

XFX's Radeon HD 4890 Graphics Processing UnitOne of the leading graphics solution manufacturers in the United States, XFX has launched XFX Radeon HD 4890 Graphics Processing Unit in India. The XFX Radeon HD 4890 GPU is expansion of the XFX Radeon HD 4000 GPU series, which include the 4870, 4850, 4650 and 4350 GPUs.

The XFX Radeon HD 4890 GPU features TeraScale graphics engine, over 1 teraFLOPS, around 1 billion transistors, 800 stream processors, and GDDR5 memory technology. The benefit of the GDDR5 memory technology is that it helps gaining twice the data per pin of GDDR3 memory at similar clock speeds.

Asus launches Asus EAH4890 series graphics cards

Asus EAH4890 series graphics cardThe well-known manufacturer of graphic cards in Taiwan – ASUS (ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated) has set out Asus EAH4890 series graphics cards using Voltage Tweak technology. The Taipei based ASUS has rolled out its two new Radeon HD 4890 GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) – EAH4890 TOP and EAH4890 standard edition, based on ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphics.

AMD releases its new ATI FirePro 3D V7750 workstation graphics cards

AMD ATI FirePro 3D V7750You can now use new ATI FirePro V7750 graphics accelerator from AMD to deal with large models and shader-intensive applications to present amazing visual output, if you are graphics pros dealing in engineering, digital content creation and scientific fields.

The Sunnyvale, California based Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) has brought out its new ATI FirePro 3D V7750 workstation graphics cards that blend a new ATI OpenGL optimized driver with the award-winning ATI FireGL graphics technology. The new ATI FirePro 3D offers a new level of graphics performance and reliability for professional 3D graphics users.

Multi-functional printers can scan and copy, too

Berlin  - Multi-functional devices are the Swiss army knives of the peripherals world. They can print, copy and scan all in one package. There are downsides, though. If one function breaks, the whole device has to be brought in for repairs. The devices won't win prizes based on their prowess in the individual disciplines, either -their value is as a package.

Potential buyers should decide beforehand how they intend using the device.

Turn off modem or router after surfing

Turn off modem or router after surfingBerlin - Internet surfers looking to cut their energy costs should turn their attention to their modem and router. Switching off the devices when they are not in use can save significant money each year, reports the German Energy Agency (DENA).

If there is no on/off switch, then a power strip with a switch can be used to cut power to the devices.

If a device needs to run around the clock because it is connected to a telephone, then in many cases it's possible to at least turn off unnecessary functions like the WLAN. The operating instructions should provide information on how to do this.

Speech recognition software: Good supplement to keyboard

Munich - Speech recognition software: Good supplement to keyboardIt may have sounded like science fiction 20 years ago, but it's now reality: computers listen to what you say.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 is the latest incarnation of Nuance's speech recognition software for PCs. And rival company Linguatec has announced the release date of the successor to Voice Pro 11 this autumn. That means that updated versions of the two key programs in voice recognition industry will be available in stores at the same time. But what are these programs really capable of, and who can benefit the most from them?

Striped hard drives and quiet laptops: New technology products

New Technology ProductsStriped designs: External hard drives from Toshiba

Toshiba has announced plans to introduce three new external hard drives in late August. The 2.5 inch devices offer up to 160, 250, and 320 gigabytes of storage space respectively, connected via U. S. B 2.0. The hard drives stand out for their unusual design: each casing is black with either green, red or grey stripes. The manufacturer has yet to name a price.

Quiet runner from Leipzig: Business laptop from Schenker

Attack of the Network Minnows: Netbooks conquer the market

Asus Eee pcHanover, Germany - When the CeBIT rolled out in March 2008, nobody had an answer to the small yet affordable Asus EeePC.

The market has rushed to fill the gap in the interim, however, with several new devices seeking to make headway in the netbook market. Devices in this class are designed to have dimensions comparable to a sheet of paper and weigh just one kilogramme, yet cost a fraction of their similarly dimensioned cousins, the subnotebook.

Even so, buyers must make clear sacrifices in terms of options and performance.

Pick the computer monitor that's right for you

LCD MonitorMunich - Monitors frame our relationship with our computers and a great computer is only as good as its monitor.

That's why it's important to ask yourself: "What do I want to do with this computer" before purchasing, says Jaroslav Smycek of the Hannover Consumer's Center.

Although nearly all flat screen monitors are based on LCD technology, there are differences between the models. "TN Film models are popular. These screens are in the lower end of the price range," says Josef Reitberger of "CHIP," a Munich-based computer magazine.

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