Soon, a microlight aircraft in the budget of a luxury car!

Sikar (Rajasthan), July 30 : Believe it or not, you may soon be able to purchase a microlight plane in the budget of a luxury car!

An aviation company based at Sikar in Rajasthan has assembled a two-seater microlight aircraft which can take-off and land from a stretch of just 300 feet, and can traverse 15 kilometres using one litre of normal petrol.

Manufactured by a newly formed company, West Wind Aviation, it will be available to the customer at around rupees 35 lakhs (Rs. 3.5 millon) only. The company is in the process of setting up an assembling hangar in Sikar.

This aircraft can touch a cruising speed of 200 knots per hour.

"Micro-light is a totally new concept for India and also to the World. It comes under the category where fewer rules are involved. If we go into the conventional part, rules are much more, flying is difficult as permissions are required whereas in a micro light even a layman can go for flying at least expenses," said Vibhuti Singh, Chief Executive Officer, West Wind Aviation, Sikar.

Although microlight plane is a new concept for India, market experts feel that it has potential.

According to market experts, there are hundreds of flying enthusiasts in India who dream to own a plane but due to complicated aviation policies and higher price, it remains an unrealized dream for most of them so far.

"Microlight has been suggested for the NCC squadron''s flying training. But there is a vast difference between the already existing micro aircraft and the newly introduced ones. The reason is the speed of the new one in around 200 kilometres per hour with the fuel consumption of about 15-16 kilometres per litre that is very less as compared to others. It is a successful scheme in a way that it can be used in better ways like for pipelines survey, agricultural spary, fun flying, weather observations etc," said Captain U. K. Sharma, a Pilot with the West Wind Aviation. (ANI)

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