Sony unveils PRS-505 Digital Book Reader

Sony, Japanese technology leader has revealed the newest version of the Reader, model PRS-505. The company added that this newest device would hit United States market sometime this month at Sony Style stores and on the Sony Style Web site as well as at Borders Inc. book stores.

For just US$300, people will get a paperback book-sized Reader that can store about 160 books.

To attract people towards its new Reader, Sony is providing credit for 100 classic books, comprising the works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, on Connect, an eBooks store set up by Sony.

The site consists of 20,000 eBooks, comprising the newest versions of several leading writers and much of the New York Times Bestsellers’ record. It doesn't comprise any books in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Up-gradations to the reader include almost twice the storage space, a battery, which will last about 7,500 page views, new controls, which are planned to imitate page-turning and permit faster direction-finding, and a USB port letting the data transfer from a PC. The new Reader also consists of slots for Memory Stick Duo and SD memory cards to increase storage capability.

An auto-sync characteristic with the new version lets users to make a folder for books and documents on their PC with which they can mechanically synchronise the Reader.

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