Sony’s Electronic Book Reader Gives A Glimpse Of Tomorrow's Publishing Market

Sony’s E-ink Reader, which has been priced at £199, has been decided to be sold at Waterstone in its 200 stores nationwide in two days.

This pocket sized and slim electronic device, which at present comes with only 200MB memory, could be expanded by 1000 in next few months. Presently the Sony Reader can store 160 average-sized books, with a 200GB hard drive. It can be however increased to 160,000.

This actually is equal to number of books the British Library adds to its collection every six months. Its battery presently in one charge can is more than enough to turn 6800 pages, and even it is being improved by the company.

The users will be able to download tens of thousands of e-books as well as classics, free of cost. Though many compare the Sony’s reader to iPod, both are quite different.

Whereas mass produced audio material only came during the second part of the last century, the act of reading books is ingrained in our DNA.  

The latest Sony Reader will definitely hit among those who are into books and want a convenient way of carrying them wherever they go.

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