Sony To Recall 4,38,000 Vaio Portable PCs

Japan's Sony Corp has made announcement that it’ll recall about 438,000 Vaio portable Sony To Recall 4,38,000 Vaio Portable PCsPCs affected by a potential risk, which is expected to cause them to overheat or even blaze the consumer.

This is one of the biggest computer recalls since 2006, the earlier one being by Dell Inc, when it called up its 4.1 million notebook batteries, which by chance also heated up and caused fires.

A company’s representative said that there are presently around 72,800 PCs in US alone awaiting recall.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission stated that the company has got 15 complaints of overheating and one of a user suffering minor fires.

The laptops to be recalled include the Sony VGN-TZ100, VGN-TZ200, VGN-TZ300 and VGN-TZ2000 series. The main trouble is linked to haphazardly positioned cables near the PC’s hinge and/or dislodged screw inside the hinge.

This is said to be a reason of short circuit and burn.

The company said, “This poses a burn hazard to consumers. Sony has initiated a voluntary program to perform a free inspection and, if necessary, a repair to ensure these units meet our high quality standards.”

The year 2006 saw Dell, Apple Inc, Lenovo Group Ltd, Toshiba Corp and a few other personal computer manufacturers recall over 8 million Sony batteries.

The company has refused to remark on the potential cost that it will incur because of the recall.

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