Somalia’s Islamist group whip women for wearing ''un-Islamic bras''!

Melbourne, Oct 20 : Somalia’s hardline Muslim extremists have been ordering women to shake their breasts at gunpoint to see if they are wearing ‘un-Islamic’ bras.

According to Daily Mail, the women are publicly whipped for wearing undergarments, as it is ‘deceptive’ and violate Islam.

The insurgent group Al Shabaab has sent gunmen into the streets of Mogadishu to identify any women who appear to have a firm bust, said the residents.

The women are then inspected to see if the firmness is natural or the result of wearing a bra, reports Courier Mail.

Al Shabaab, which seeks to impose a strict interpretation of Sharia law over all Somalia, ask women to remove the bra and shake their breasts.

They are also whipping men caught without a beard.

The group has also banned movies, musical ringtones, dancing at wedding ceremonies and playing or watching soccer. (ANI)