Solar energy brightens Madhya Pradesh villages

Solar energy brightens Madhya Pradesh villagesChaith (Madhya Pradesh), Apr 26 : After living in the dark for ages, the residents of Chaith village in Gwalior District of Madhya Pradesh are now enjoying the benefits Solar energy.

Chaith, which has a population of about 12,000, is among the several villages where electrification project has been commissioned under one of the Central Government's rural development schemes.

Consequent to the execution of this solar electrification project in rural areas, many families from this village have now set up solar energy sensor plates on the rooftops of their houses.

Today, children of this village are able to study in comfort after dusk.

"Around 250 families in the village have solar power. Earlier when there was no light, insects used to fall into our food plates. But, now we don''''t have that problem. Children also can study well under lights and do not have problems to sleep in the night. We do not have fear of snakes and dacoits now. Most of our problems have now been solved," observed Kamala Bai, a resident of Chaith.

Apart from Chaith, 26 other villages have also been electrified under this project.

Chaith village has become a shining example of putting solar energy to use.

"In total, 182 homes have been electrified and lights have been fitted. 18 street lights and many more gadgets are going to be fixed to finish the final phase of electrifying the entire village," said S. K. Chauhan, Divisional Officer of Energy Development Corporation.

Renewable energy sources contribute about five percent of India''''s electricity. Solar energy with an apt technology promises to be one of the most replenishing, pollution free and inexhaustible sources of energy. (ANI)