Soft Drinks are Fatal To Life - Report

Soft DrinksResearchers have proved that soft drink, diet drinks and regular drinks can affect your heart and cause diabetes.

The researchers said, “The results were surprising since so little soda increased the risk and because diet drinks, noteworthy for their lack of calories, had the same effect as sugary beverages. The research report informed that the people who drink a can of soft drink daily can at the 44 percent higher risk of Metabolic Syndrome.”

According to Dr. Ramachandran Vasan, who is a cardiologist said, “The study adds weight to earlier reports that drinking regular soda may lead to obesity and heart disease,” “Having metabolic syndrome approximately doubles your risk of heart attack or stoke.”

“Drinking one soft drink a day increases that risk. This is not an association that can be good,” Mr. Vasan added

Susan Neely who is the president of the American Beverage Association said in an interview, “The study does not establish any link between soft drinks, regular or diets, and increased risk of heart diseases.” “Diet soft drinks are terrific if you’re trying to watch your weight and want something refreshing that tastes good and has no calories.”

Some researchers, from the Framingham heart study studied more than 6,000 people in the Boston Suburb to watch out their lifestyle and other factors that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The researchers reported, “They are not entirely sure how diet soft drinks, with no calories, increased the risks. While soda drinkers do consume more fried foods and more calories, tend to exercise less, smoke more and eat less fiber and dairy products, the researchers took all those factors into account. Even adjusting for them, soft drinks were linked to greater risk.”

According to the data compiled by industry journal Beverage Digest Americans drank an average of 349 servings of beer, 336 servings of bottled water, 312 of milk and 261 of coffee, Beverage Digest data shows.

A researcher Dean Ornish said, “Its common sense that sugary soft drinks every day will lead to weight gain in some people,” Dr. Vasan said “If you are drinking it occasionally, your risk is less than if you are drinking it every day.”