Social Networks can lend a helping hand in developing business

Social networking logoIt is quite well accepted fact that social-networking traffic is increasing with every passing day. Monday had lot of things for Technology writers to talk about as Compete. com came out with latest numbers for the month of January.

The results were astonishing as for the first time in a survey; Facebook was in the lead, with nearly 68 million unique visitors, well ahead of the News Corp.-owned MySpace's 58 million in U. S. traffic.

The survey further put Twitter as the third-biggest social-media site in the country by total page views, with not only about six million exceptional visitors but also an enormous 54 million views.

These are numbers stemming entirely from Web browser data in the U. S. Compete. com results are based on data collected from various ISPs as well.

Compete's Andy Kazeniac said in blog post, "That means that you won't be pulling in any international numbers, where most of Facebook's users are now, or data from widgets or third-party applications, which are how many avid Twitter users access the service. That means that it's likely that Twitter's reach is bigger than the numbers indicate."

What is more surprising is the fact that there are only limited social-media sites, like Flixster and LiveJournal that relatively have low unique visitor counts but proportionally very high page view counts that indicates that they probably have small base of very loyal users.

"Also pulling in notable numbers is LinkedIn, with about 11 million unique users, Classmates. com, with about 17 million, and Reunion. com, with slightly under 14 million," read the message from Andy.