Sales of Chevy Volt increased three-fold in 2012

Sales of Chevy Volt increased three-fold in 2012With an increasing number of Americans showing a preference for the Chevrolet Volt over some of the other sports cars, auto experts are of the opinion that cost savings resulting from fuel efficiency and the ‘green’ aspect have apparently become the key deciding factors rather than just having a sporty car.

The 2012 sales figures have revealed that the sales of the Volt surpassed those of the Corvette. With 2012 marking the Volt’s first full year of availability, General Motors (GM) sold nearly three-fold more Volts during the year, vis-à-vis the 2011 figures.

Specifically speaking, while barely 7,671 Volts were sold in 2011 by GM, the sales figures increased notably to 23,461 in 2012. In comparison, the sales of the Corvette during the year stood at 14,000 units.

However, despite the fact that the year-on-year Volt sales increase was quite impressive, thanks chiefly to the fact that the Volt's popularity saw a rise in the car-congested California, the car still remained one of the lowest-selling cars of the Chevrolet brand during 2012.

Noting that some engineering tweaks led to the increased popularity of the Chevy Volt in California, Kelley Blue Book analyst Alec Guitierrez said: "More than half of all Volt sales are in California." Meanwhile, according to GM, the car has also been catching on in some of the other prominent US markets, including Michigan and Chicago.

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