Ryvid launches Aerospace-inspired Anthem e-bike for commuters

Ryvid launches Aerospace-inspired Anthem e-bike for commuters

American electric motorbike (e-bike) maker Ryvid Incorporated has officially announced the launch of an Aerospace-inspired e-bike called the Ryvid Anthem – a new lightweight personal electric mobility solution specifically developed to cater to the commuting crowd.

Priced at $7,800, the Ryvid Anthem boasts is a sleek yet purposeful design. The manufacturer has used an ultra-lightweight monocoque-inspired chassis for the new e-bike, allowing it to tip the scale at merely 240 pounds. Nevertheless, the e-bike’s carrying capacity is 400 pounds, which is not bad at all. The lightweight approachability has been paired with the comfort of customizable ergonomics. It allows users to change handling characteristics, thanks to its modular head tube system and adjustable front & rear suspension. It is specifically beneficial for riders of short height as it offers electronically height-adjustable Ergo-Easy seat shifts for heights between 30 inches and 34 inches.

It comes equipped with a 4.3-kWh lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to deliver a range of up to 75 miles in Standard Mode and 50 miles in Sport Mode on a single charge. The removable configuration of the battery pack eases the process of recharging. Using a 220V outlet enables the new e-bike to get fully-recharged in merely three hours, while 110V outlet takes six hours for the same task.

Accompanied by the swingarm-housed electric motor and belt drive, the powertrain of the e-bike is capable of producing 53 lb-ft of torque and enough power to enable the EV to run at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (mph). The fully-enclosed powertrain reduces the needs for maintenance to almost zero, which drastically decreases the cost of ownership.

Ryvid founder and CEO Dong Tran said, “Especially in this climate, it makes sense to have something designed to optimize the rider experience without the hassles of repair associated with a typical motorcycle. Riding the Anthem is a personal experience, with a level of customization that translates to a feeling that the bike was built just for you.”

Other notable things about the e-bike include aerospace-inspired 4.9-inch TFT display, limited lifetime frame warranty, two-year power pack warranty, and a one-year standard motorcycle warranty.

The Irvine, California-based e-bike maker has plans to produce and sell 1,000 units of the Launch Edition of the Ryvid Anthems. Order books for the e-bike are all set to be opened on 14th of August, 2022, with deliveries scheduled to commence sometime in the summer of 2023.

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