Rise-of-the-machines remix effectively builds sympathy for Google’s Atlas and vilifies humans
Rise-of-the-machines remix effectively builds sympathy for Google’s Atlas

Last week, Google-owned Boston Dynamics released a footage showing its humanoid Atlas robot performing remarkable tasks, including opening doors, roaming over snow-covered region and holding and placing boxes at the right place.

However, some viewers might ponder over how mean humans were to Atlas. They beat the robot using a pole, pushed him down and punched a box out of its hands.

The human bullying the robot was in reality part of a practical exhibition of how Atlas reverts to environment changes and then adjusts and takes action accordingly to finish a task. However, YouTube comedy filmmakers Auralnauts visualized it as a chance of remixing the footage into the starting of a horror film.

The remix begins with the threatening note: ‘First create a need for something and then take that thing away’.

The tricky voice-over addition has created a world where jerk humans have come up with a robot that is fond of its valuable box more than anything. Poor Atlas looks for the box everywhere, but all in vain as the search ends up having the villainous humans knock it away. The video shared by Boston Dynamics team didn’t have a happy ending.

The remix of rise-of-the-machines has efficiently created sympathy for Atlas and belittled humans. Auralnauts came up with the video on Friday and its cliffhanger ending was effective and painful.

The master of remixing videos, Auralnauts, can turn around the original meaning of a video into something entirely different.

With Skynet closely observing Boston Dynamics, it can be expected that the new generation of robots could mimic any aspect of human behavior. In the robotics field, Atlas is the new hit, a fact that has been proved by huge number of robotic experts coming forward hailing Google’s achievements.