Rihanna gets ‘gun’ tattooed on her ribs

Rihanna gets ‘gun’ tattooed on her ribsLondon, Mar 27 : Singer Rihanna, who was allegedly attacked by Chris Brown, has got a thought-provoking tattoo on her rib-a `gun' tattoo.

The `Umbrella' hitmaker especially called New York-based tattoo artist BangBang to L. A. to get the gun tattooed on her.

BangBang revealed that though Rihanna wanted to get the gun tattooed on her arm, she finally got it done on her ribs in a bid to save her contract with cosmetic giant Cover Girl.

BangBang also posted his recent photographs at Rihanna's L. A. home on his MySpace page.

"I really wanted to put it here (on her arms)? She loved ''em. But, Cover Girl wouldn''t have liked it much? and they pay the bills! Ended up doing it on her ribs," the Daily Express quoted BangBang as stating on his blog.

BangBang has worked with Rihanna on many of her tattoos, including her famous stars design on her back, lettering on her shoulder and hip, and the ''Shh...'' stamp on her right index finger.

Meanwhile, Brown has been charged with two felony counts, and released on a bail of 50,000 dollars until a hearing on April 6. (ANI)