REI’s Generation e1.1 and Generation e1.2 e-bikes target new generation of utility riders

REI’s Generation e1.1 and Generation e1.2 e-bikes target new generation of utility riders

The Co-op Generation e1.1 and Generation e1.2, two new models of electric personal mobility solutions launched as part of REI’s new “Generation e” line of e-bikes, have specifically been designed and produced for utility riders.

Launched after the urban-centric Co-op CTY e2.1 and CTY e2.2, the Generation e1.1 and e1.2 are reportedly the most accessible e-bikes REI’s new “Generation e” line. Both new models feature an easy-to-mount low frame, and smaller diameter 20-inch wheels in wider 2.4-inch motorcycle-inspired tires. The e-bikes have been designed in such as way that users can easily hop on and go. The frame of the bikes promises approachability and versatility, for new as well as experienced riders.

Nate Nielsen, General Manager (GM) for REI cycles, said, “This e-bike line was designed to help make it easier for people to hop on and go. The frames and features give them approachability and versatility, whether you're a new or seasoned rider, dressed in workout gear or jeans.”

The one-size-fits-most sizing doctrine means the bikes are apt for riders of almost all sizes. For safety and visibility, both of the two new e-bikes come equipped with front as well as rear LED lighting, while its memory foam saddle promises optimal comfort even during long rides. The manufacturer has also equipped the e-bikes with dual Y-style kickstands.

Both e-bikes come outfitted with Shimano 7-speed drivetrains, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and 350W Bafang hub motors (unlike mid-drive motors in the company’s previous e-bikes). The system enables the two models achieve a top speed of 20 mph (roughly 32 km/h).

However, the two models differ in terms of battery packs. While the Generation e1.1 has a 36V 11.6Ah battery, the Generation e1.2 makes use of a 48V 14Ah battery. The e1.1 has a 36V 11.6Ah battery offers a range of 30-40 miles (51-64 km) on a single charge, while the another model’s 48V 14Ah battery has been rated for 40-50 miles (64-80 km) of range.

The two models also differ in terms of suspension fork and racks. The e1.1 has a Suntour suspension fork, and includes an integrated rear rack. The e1.2 e-bike has a more cargo-optimized rigid fork and includes front as well as rear racks. However, both e-bike models weigh 54 lb. (24.5 kg).

The Generation e1.1 e-bike is available with a price tag of $1,499, while the Generation e1.2 is priced at $1,899.

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