An SMS is all Aussie kids need to get free condoms!

Sydney, Oct 25 : Teenagers in Oz ending their high school will be able to access free condoms just by sending a text message, thanks to a sexual health campaign.

1800 New South Wales buses that will turn red lights green

Sydney, Oct 24 : After a year of trials, GPS-equipped buses will be on NSW roads early next year, the State Government has said.

Transport Minister John Watkins today announced a preferred tenderer had been selected to install the Public Transport Information and Priority System on a fleet of 1800 buses.

The onboard computer devices will link the buses by satellite to the Roads and Traffic Authority's traffic light control system, which will in turn give late-running buses the green light, providing commuters with a faster trip.

The technology will be used on 43 "strategic corridors" in and around Sydney.

6 in 10 gym enthusiasts make excuses to skip workouts

Sydney, Oct 24 : No matter how enthused people are about hitting the gym, they make excuses to skip working out at least once a week, says a poll.

In a recent News poll survey in which 979-health club members were investigated, it was found that 63 per cent of gym goers opted out of a workout at least once a week.

In the poll the respondents cited several reasons for de-motivation with cold weather and dark nights being common excuses but mental fatigue was the reason most often given.

Jeff Bond, former head of Sport Psychology at the Australian Institute of Sport, said that attitude was very essential to long-term fitness.

Australian Army to outsource its intelligence and security services

Australian academic campaigns for India's heritage trains

Man slept off croc attack after downing 12 cans of beer!

Sydney, Oct 19 : An Aussie man, who was attacked by a crocodile while swimming in an Australian river, was so drunk that he dozed off at his campsite before going to hospital for treatment.