Australia introduces new drugs policy for sports

Arts and Sports Minister George Brandis

Strip Marion Jones of her medals, says Oz Olympic chief

McDonald's adverts voted ‘the most manipulative on TV’

Sydney, Oct 4 : Fast-food giant McDonald's adverts have been voted as the most manipulative on TV.

Terri Irwin honoured with the ‘Business Woman of the Year’ award

Sydney, Oct 2 : Australia Zoo director Terri Irwin has been honoured with the Business Woman of the Year award.

The widow of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin accepted the award at a ceremony in Brisbane.

Holly Kramer, from sponsor Telstra, said that the judges were impressed Terri’s
strong business expertise.

"The judges said Terri Irwin demonstrated strong business acumen across all criteria and commended her on her entrepreneurial achievements which she pursued from a young age," quoted Kramer, as saying.

Parts of Australia to get hotter by 5 degrees by 2070

Sydney, Oct 2 : Temperatures across Australia are likely to rise by one degree Celsius by 2030, but it could rise by up to 5 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country by 2070, a new CSIRO study has revealed.

Penny Whetton, co-author of the new Climate Change in Australia report produced by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, said the probability of warming exceeding one degree Celsius was 10-20 per cent for coastal areas of Australia, and more than 50 per cent for inland regions.

Child expert warns that Shane Warne's kids could be harmed by spousal feud

Sydney, Sept.26 : A child expert has warned both Shane Warne and his ex-wife Simone Callahan to end their public feud over an alleged affair for the sake of their three children.

The Australian Counselling Association's Philip Armstrong said the Warne's tit-for-tat claims over the end of their relationship could damage their children Brooke, 10, Jackson, 8 and Summer, 5.

Armstrong was particularly scathing of the tell-all interview Simone gave to New Idea about an alleged affair revealed by yet another wayward text message.