Enhancing genitals is the latest cosmetic surgery trend

Stuttgart, Germany  - Women are showing more interest in having their genital area surgically enhanced, according to the authors of an article in a medical journal on midwifery and gynaecology published in Stuttgart, southern Germany.

Cosmetic surgery to alter the labia is the third most sought-after operation after facial and breast augmentation surgeries, the authors, psychologist Ada Borkenhagen and gynaecologist Heribert Kentenich, said. The new ideal is taken from current photographs in erotic and pornographic magazines.

Porsche Cayenne hybrid to hit showrooms in 2010

Stuttgart, Germany  - German premium carmaker Porsche expects to have a petrol-electric version of its Cayenne sports utility in the showroom by 2010, the company announced in Stuttgart.

The parallel hybrid will consume less than nine litres of fuel per 100 kilometres but offer a hefty 380 horsepower from the combination of a 3.0 litre petrol engine and an electric motor turning out 52 additional horses.

Porsche said the aim was to offer a green version of the successful SUV, a genre of cars often criticised by environmentalists for their excess fuel consumption, without compromising the performance which consumers expect from the brand. Prices have not been announced so far.

Porsche Panamera to sell for 94,575 euros

Porsche Panamera to sell for 94,575 eurosStuttgart  - Porsche's first sedan, the Panamera, will sell for a basic price of 94,575 euros (121,600 dollars) with the car celebrating its world debut at the Auto China in Shanghai in March, company has announced.

The basic Panamera S comes with the V6 engine from the Cayenne SUV with an output of 221 kW/300 hp. The Panamera 4S four-wheel drive will sell for 102,251 euros (131,600 dollars) and the top of the range Panamera Turbo for 135,154 euros (174,000 dollars). It is fitted with the V8 powering 368 kW/500 hp.

Mercedes launches armoured E-Class

Stuttgart  - The world is a dangerous place and to minimise the risk for politicians and captains of industry, Mercedes-Benz is offering an armour-plated version of the sleek new E-Class saloon.

Outwardly identical to the standard model, the beefed-up, E-Guard limousine features metal plates and aramide plastics in the bodywork which is tough enough to withstand the blast of a hand grenade.

The protective package includes thick, polycarbonate windows which can block shots from a 0.44 Magnum hand gun along with air suspension to cope with the added weight. An intercom system enables passengers to contact the outside world in case of attack.

Don't be fooled - modern cars rust too

Stuttgart  - Rust has been the curse of car owners for decades and until protection from it was improved in recent years, many an owner could only despair at vehicles which literally crumbled away beneath them.

Anti-corrosion treatment has vastly improved, but according to Germany's car testing experts, modern vehicles are prone to rust too, as not every manufacturer takes the problem seriously enough.

Compared to between 10 and 20 years ago, the overall number of cars showing serious rust problems has declined considerably, said Hermann Schenk from the GTÜ technical examination organization based in Stuttgart.

Rosberg calls for minimum weight for drivers

Rosberg calls for minimum weight for driversStuttgart  - German Formula One driver Nico Rosberg has called for a minimum weight for Grand Prix drivers.

In an report by Der Spiegel news magazine made available ahead of Monday's publication, the Williams driver said that if a pilot did not weigh enough, weights should be placed in the car.

Several drivers are said to have lost a considerable amount of weight since last season to compensate for the heavier weight of their cars which has been brought about by new regulations.