India to send an astronaut on a Russian spacecraft

ISROMoscow, Mar 26 : India is planning to send one of its astronauts on a Russian spacecraft to acquire skills

Sale of "Admiral Gorshkov" to India still on, says official

Admiral GorshkovMoscow, Feb.

Manmohan Singh to engage Putin in summit-level talks

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Indian PM Manmohan Singh arrives in Moscow

Indian PM Manmohan Singh arrives in Moscow, Russia

Defence Minister A K. Antony meets Sergei Ivanov

Defence Minister A K Antony

75 medieval entombments excavated in north-western Russia

Moscow, Oct 1 : Russian archaeologists have found 75 ancient graves dating from the 15th to the 18th century at the excavation site of the necropolis by Nikolo-Dvorishchenskiy Cathedral in Veliki Novgorod in north-western Russia.

Moscow archaeologist and anthropologist Denis Pezhemsky said, excavation work has been going on since early July, and they were expecting more entombments to be dug out.

Pezhemski said the remnants of the ancient Novgorod dwellers are all kept in sarcophagi, which are of great historical value.