Microsoft Xbox Prices may remain firm despite lower sales

Japan: The prices of Microsoft Xbox 360 may remain the same in Japan. Microsoft’s subsidiary in Japan has ruled out any price cuts for the video game consoles in near future. The sales of Xbox have been lower, but the company expects things to change with upcoming launch of Halo 3 this month.

Takashi Sensui, Chief of the home and entertainment division at Microsoft informed that the prices may remain firm in near future despite low response in Japanese markets.

George Bush praises Japan's Continued support for Afghanistan

US President George W. Bush

Japanese PM Rearranges Cabinet

Japanese Prime MinisterTokyo: According to the recent reports, Japan’s prime minister

Japan Keen to Invest in West Bengal

Kolkata: The expectations of Japanese investment for upcoming plans in the State were apparently discussed by West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo A

Asian Markets Skid Further; Nikkei Cut Down 414 Points

Japan's NikkeiAsian stock markets slipped further.

Japan`s Central Bank Interjects More Funds In Money Market

Central Bank of JapanIn a bid, Japan`s central bank pumped-up 400 billion yen into money markets to control an advancement in short-term interest rates accompanying immense withdrawals in the last two days.

This is the bank’s third activity in the last 7 days amongst international concerns about US mortgages crisis.