Ship loaded with 2 tons of cocaine seized in Honduras

Ship loaded with 2 tons of cocaine seized in HondurasTegucigalpa, Honduras  - Narcotics officers in Honduras seized a ship loaded with 2 tons of cocaine on the Central American country's largest lagoon.

Seven men were arrested Monday when a navy speed boat stopped the vessel on the Caratasca Lagoon in north-eastern Honduras, 500 kilometres north-east of the capital, Tegucigalpa, the Honduran Navy said.

Honduran authorities estimated that drug traffickers transport about 60 tons of cocaine every year by sea and plane through the remote jungles on the border with Nicaragua.

Police seize plane with 1,400 kilos of cocaine en Honduras

Tegucigalpa - Honduran police seized a small plane with 1,400 kilograms of cocaine in the northwest department of Colon, local media reported Sunday.

Central American leaders want common currency

San Pedro Sula, Honduras  - The nations of Central America want to institute a common currency and a shared credit fund to combat the global financial crisis, the region's leaders said at a meeting

Scores dead in flooding, landslides in Central America

Scores dead in flooding, landslides in Central AmericaTegucigalpa, Honduras - Weeks of rain have caused the deaths of nearly 50 people and left more than 20 missing in Honduras and killed dozens more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, officials said.

Most of the victims were buried in landslides and drowned in rivers that overflowed their banks, authorities said Sunday.

In Honduras, 100,000 people were affected by flooding while the emergency services agency estimated damage to highways, bridges, crops and houses at 150 million dollars.

Heavy rain leaves 23 dead in Honduras

Heavy rain leaves 23 dead in HondurasTegucigalpa  - The number of dead in Honduras as a result of recent heavy rain and subsequent flooding rose to 23, the authorities said late Wednesday.

Most of the dead were believed to have drowned in the currents of overflowing rivers, the country's civil protection authorities said.

In Honduran capital Tegucigalpa, seven people died in mudslides in the hills, where many thousands of poor live in improvised homes.

Honduras has been suffering heavy rain for two weeks, and much of its territory is flooded. The main rivers have flowed over their banks.

At least four dead in Central America floods

Central America floods Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Flooding from heavy rains killed at least three people and four others were reported missing as civil defence officials issued a red alert along the Ulua River basin stretching across northern Honduras.

Two people died in flooding of the Guayape River in the eastern department of Olancho, and one victim was reported in the capital, Tegucigalpa, after a collapsed wall buried a house.

Two people were reported missing in Olancho and two others in the southern department of Choluteca bordering Nicaragua.