Himachal Pradesh

Himachal caps become popular

Shimla, Jan 24: The caps of Himachal Pradesh have become a source of livelihood for thousands in the hill state.

These bright and colourful woollen caps have become the identity of the State and are generally called ‘Himachali Topi’.

They are popularly known as Bushehri, Kinnauri and Kulluwi cap’s conforming to the particular areas of the state.

"Himachali Cap has been a royal identity for us and it is still the same and will always be. The cap making industry has attracted a lot of people and almost 10per cent to 12 per cent of the youth are involved in it," said Raghunandan, Cap Maker, Shimla.

The colourful borders with beautiful patterns are separately woven on small looms by artisans across the State.

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