Autism, an individual disorder

Autism, an individual disorderHavana, March 30 - The International Centre for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) here is developing a project aimed at validating and measuring the effectiveness of interventions in patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Hector Vera Cuesta, neuro-pediatrician and deputy director of CIREN, explains to Prensa Latina that the strategy "established just over a year ago in collaboration with a prestigious Brazilian university" is based on individual diagnosis.

Global warming threatens Cuba's top beach resort

cuba-beach-resortHavana, Dec 24 : A beach resort in Cuba is facing severe erosion of its coastline due to rising sea levels caused by global warming, officials said.

The Varadero resort, one of Cuba's main vacation destinations, which hosts a million tourists annually, is losing 40,000 to 50,000 cubic metres of sand a year due to erosion, Xinhua cited the Cuban News Agency (ACN) as saying.

Official figures in 2012 indicated that erosion had affected almost 84 percent of the beaches in Cuba. Several Cuban beaches have already been washed away.

Cuba tests dengue vaccine on animals

dengue-vaccineHavana, Aug 17 : Cuba is testing a vaccine against dengue fever on animals. The test is considered one of the most advanced projects of its kind, a Cuban scientist said.

The vaccine is composed of a protein that works by inducing cells to generate neutralising antibodies, Alienys Izquierdo Oliva, a member of the National Dengue Vaccine Project, told Xinhua.

"If we have neutralising antibodies, then we will have protection," said Izquierdo.

The expert was taking part in the ongoing 13th International Course on Dengue and its Control at Havana's Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Cuba approves internet domain rules

internet-domainHavana, April 12 : The Cuban government has approved a set of guidelines on internet domain names, according to a decree.

The guidelines establish a system for the distribution and registration of domain names for all government bodies and other agencies, the decree Thursday said.

The rules were aimed at ensuring the internet domain name system is a "distributed, hierarchical, and scalable service with a decentralized control", reported Xinhua citing the decree.

Fidel Castro opens school in rare public appearance

Fidel-CastroHavana, April 12 : Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro opened a school in Havana in a rare public appearance since his retirement in 2006, the official Granma daily reported.

Castro, 86, spoke for two hours with the students and teachers at the school about climate change, weapons of mass destruction, economic crisis, high fuel prices and many other issues, reported Granma Thursday.

"In these circumstances, life on earth is difficult," he was quoted as saying.

It was Castro's idea to build the 140-student facility in a Havana district, reported Xinhua citing Granma.

Chavez was Cubans' best friend: Fidel Castro

Chavez was Cubans' best friend: Fidel CastroHavana, March 12 - Former Cuban president Fidel Castro said here Monday that the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was the "best friend" the Cuban people had in history.

In his first public statement after Chavez's death, the 86-year-old retired Cuban leader in an article published by the official media, said the news of Chavez's death was a bitter hit, Xinhua reported.

Cuba to host Montecristo Golf Cup in April

Montecristo-Golf-CupHavana, March 11 : Cuba will host the 5th Montecristo Golf Cup from April 25 to 27 at the Caribbean resort of Varadero, 87 miles east of Havana, tourism authorities announced.

The Cup will be held in its usual scenario of the Varadero Golf Club, a 18 holes course par 72) in a narrow beach strip of 2.17 miles and it is open to 120 players, professional or amateur, aged over 18, reports Xinhua.

As part of the technical details of the event, the organisers said Sunday that the cup will be attended by men with certificated handicap equal to, or less than 24, and women at or below 30.

Skin cancer on the rise in Cuba

World-Cancer-DayHavana, Feb 5 : Thousands of new cases of skin cancer are being reported in Cuba, a health official warned.

Around 5,000 new skin cancer cases are reported each year in the Caribbean island, said Olaine Gray of the public health ministry at an annual national skin cancer awareness campaign on World Cancer Day.

The main causes of the increase in skin cancer cases include Cuba's geographical location, its ageing population, and the increasing popularity of tanning, according to Gray.

Cuba’s subterranean fiber-optic link through Venezuela opens only ‘inbound’ connection

Cuba’s subterranean fiber-optic link through Venezuela opens only ‘inbound’ connectionAccording to reports, the subterranean fiber-optic link which the island nation of Cuba has turned on through Venezuela apparently opens only the `inbound' high-speed connection of the Internet superhighway.

Cuba To Begin Clinical Examinations Of Pneumonia Vaccine

Cuba To Begin Clinical Examinations Of Pneumonia VaccineCuba will start this year clinical examinations of a new pneumonia vaccine formulated by the island country's biotech industry.

Finlay Director Concepcion Campa stated that the vaccine was formulated by researchers at Havana`s Finlay Institute and the Center for Biomolecular Chemistry.

Campa is taking part in the 16th International Seminar of the Caribbean Medical Association that started May 02 in Havana and amassed 200 experts from different nations.

Fidel Castro amused by speculations about his death

Fidel Castro amused by speculations about his deathCaracas, Sep 11 : Former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro said he's "amused" that there are people speculating about his death, according to a voice recording aired on Venezuelan state television.

Castro also said that he stopped writing his "Reflections" two months ago because he doesn't like to "waste time" and is working on more "important" and "useful" things. He also said that he is "serene" and "happy".

Venezuela President Undergoes Second Round of Chemotherapy in Cuba

Venezuela President Undergoes Second Round of Chemotherapy in CubaVenezuela is already marked as one of the most dangerous countries with organized crime gangs, police corruption and impunity. The country had high murder rates as compared to global.

According to the state-run National Statistics Institute, there were more than 19,000 murders nationwide in 2009 and notified that more than 10 individuals are killed in Caracas every day.

Cuban human-rights activists want to Spanish citizens

Cuban human-rights activists want to Spanish citizensIt has been reported that eleven Cuban human-rights activists freed from jail want Spain to recognize their struggle by giving them Spanish citizenship.

It has been reported that the activists, from a group of more than identified 50 political prisoners in Cuba, arrived in Spain this week and immediately began campaigning for rights of citizenship as they did not wish to be considered as asylum seekers or immigrants.

Fidel Castro makes rare public appearance

Fidel CastroHavana, July 11 : A Cuban website published photographs over the weekend of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro making his first public appearance since he resigned as president in mid-2006.

The official Cubadebate website ran five photographs taken by Castro's son, Alex, during a visit Wednesday to the National Scientific Research Centre.

The former president, 83, commemorated the 45th anniversary of the centre's founding in sports attire and held animated conversations with the managers and workers, the website said.

Raul Castro appears heading in new direction by talking with Church officials

Raul Castro appears heading in new direction by talking with Church officialsObservers have said that Cuban leader Raul Castro appears headed in a new direction by talking with Catholic Church officials about political dissidents.

The Communist island nation's leader recently met with Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega. The upshot of those negotiations was a Castro promise to place sick dissidents in hospitals and to move others to jails closer to their homes.

Cuba Eyes 2.4 Million Cell Phone Subscribers By 2015

Cuba Eyes 2.4 Million Cell Phone Subscribers By 2015The number of cell phone subscribers in Cuba willsurpass one million by 2010 end after the administration in the year 2008 permitted cell phone service for ordinary natives, a luxury previously reserved for aliens, companies as well as state agencies.

The vice president of ETECSA's mobile services, Maximo Lafuente said that Cuba has invested around $150 million since 2003 in order to expand the island's cellular phone industry.

He added that the aim for the year 2015 is 2.4 million subscribers.

Cuba doesn't lack future generation of leaders: Vice president

Havana, Jan 11 - First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado has said that Cuba does not lack leaders to replace those who carried out the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power in 1959, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported.

"The leaders of the future are everywhere," 79-year-old Machado said Sunday in an address to the Union of Communist Youth, or UJC, a party entity, in the coastal city of Cienfuegos.

"There are always many who have the qualifications. You have to reach them and have a good organisational policy," he said.

Machado is second-in-command to President Raul Castro, who officially became head of state Feb 24, 2008, after initially serving as Cuba's interim president.

Cuban doctors manage to defect through Venezuela: Exile groups

Cuban doctors manage to defect through Venezuela: Exile groupsMiami, Jan 8 - Around 500 Cuban doctors have defected to the US while serving on aid missions in Venezuela, according to members of Cuban exile groups in Miami.

The latest case occurred Wednesday when seven Cuban physicians managed to leave Caracas's Maiquetia International Airport, after being held there for several hours and after paying hundreds of dollars each to officials.

US detainee in Cuba still under investigation

US detainee in Cuba still under investigationHavana, Jan 7 - An American detained in Cuba for alleged links with US secret services was still undergoing interrogation, an official said, adding the accused was not being mistreated.

"I can assure you that he is much better than the victims of those (US government) contractors around the world," Ricardo Alarcon, speaker of the Cuban parliament, said here Wednesday.

He described the person in custody, whose name is being withheld, as "a gentleman hired by a firm that has contracts with the US secret services".

Cuba protests inclusion in US terror list

Cuba protests inclusion in US terror listWashington, Jan 6 - Affirming that it was part of the international war against terrorism, Cuba has rejected its inclusion in the list of terrorism-sponsoring nations by the US.

Cuba "has complied, is complying and will comply with the internationally recognised security measures", Alberto Gonzalez, spokesman of the the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, told EFE Tuesday.

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