Hobbit’s relatives may have existed in northern Australia

Canberra, May 27: An archaeologist, who discovered the “Hobbit”, an ancient human like species, on an Indonesian island in 2003, has determined that a relative of the species may have existed in northern Australia.

The Hobbits, or Homo floresiensis, who were only about one metre tall and weighed just 30kg, existed on the remote Indonesian island of Flores until about 12,000 years ago.

The specie was dubbed as “hobbits” because of its small size and big feet.

Now, according to Professor Mike Morwood, who had made the finding in 2003, these ancient species could have had relatives living in northern Australia.

“We are searching for relatives and ancestors of the Homo floresiensis,” said Morwood. “I think there are a few surprises in store yet, especially for northern Australia,” he added.

Indonesian seafarers on their way to Australia to collect sea cucumbers between 1720 and 1900 are believed to have scattered pottery along the Kimberley coastline.

Professor Morwood believes the ancient Hobbits may have used the same sea currents to reach Australian shores.

Morwood’s team has had found the bones of several Hobbits at Liang Bua cave on Flores.

Among the creature’s unique features were an incredibly small brain - just one-third the size of a human brain - and remarkably long feet. (ANI)