Recession Brings a Wave of Happiness for Cruise Lovers

Mark SchiffnerNow the sea lovers can cruise their way to their favorite destinations as the recession makes the cruise industry to come up with all kinds of cruise deals to attract the consumer. This includes attractive offers like discounted airfare, free tickets for kids, onboard credits, lower deposits and deals on cancellation insurance.

Cruising has always fascinated the travelers due to its all-inclusive pricing, which encapsulates accommodations, meals, entertainment and recreational facilities. This is what is probably encouraging the cruise industry to come out with new ships. Cruise Lines International Association has predicted 2.3 per cent growth this year.

Facilitating those headed for the sea route, about 30 ports of embarkation in the U. S. are within driving distance and gas prices are affordable, so one can drive to many ships rather than flying.

"There's now a full court press by travel suppliers to offer practical, economical value" says Mark Schiffner, vice-president of Cruise Holidays.

"The incentives and deals aimed at enticing travellers out of their bunker mentality are extraordinary and unprecedented."

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