Realmforge releases new trailer for ‘Dark’ game

Realmforge releases new trailer for ‘Dark’ gameGaming firm, Realmforge Studios has released a new impressive trailer for its much anticipated vampire action game called, Dark.

In the trailer, the developer has displayed several supernatural powers of Eric Bane, who is the main character in the vampire game. The gamers will also be able to use powered like being able to trace presence through heat signatures. This allows gamers to know about the presence of guards from across the walls. The gamers can also create a phantom noise at a distant corner of the room to distract the guards.

The players will also have a "shadow grip" ability that allows them to pick up enemies and slam them to the ground to cause damage. The Vampire in the game also has supernatural powers and can kill humans with hands and can also regenerate their energy. Eric also has the ability of mind control that allows him to control humans in the game.

It is to be seen with the rich story line and a prime vampire theme is able to retain existing gamers and attract new ones in the market around the world. The third-person perspective and stealth-action game is set release on Xbox 360 and for PC in June this year.