Rains damage crops in Ludhiana

Rains damage crops in LudhianaLudhiana, Mar 26 : Torrential rains have damaged Rabi crops in Ludhiana, causing huge losses to local farmers.

Distraught farmers in the city say surprise rains and hailstorms have ruined their wheat crops.

"For last three to four days there is a strong wind blowing accompanied by rain. As a result of this, there are clouds in the night due to which our wheat crop is getting damaged. We have lost one fourth of the wheat crop due to the rains," said Harcharan Singh.

Even after the substantial losses incurred by the hard working farmers, Harjiat Singh Daliwal, an economist, hopes that the crops can be saved from any further damage if weather conditions improve, as predicted by the weather department.

"Weather department has predicted rainfall accompanied by thunderstorm for the first twenty-four hours and during next twenty-four hours there will isolated rainfall but there are possibilities that the weather conditions might improve after that," said Daliwal.

Harvesting is in full swing in Punjab and other areas of northern India and rains will damage crops in the field.

About 600 million in India of the billion-plus population depend on agriculture for a living.

The four-month monsoon is the main source of water for most farmers in India. However, an excess of rainfall and thunderstorms act against them. (ANI)