Rahul Gandhi turns 38, party workers have a big bash

Rahul GandhiNew Delhi, June 19 : All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi turned 38 on Thursday.

A large number of party workers gathered outside 24, Akbar Road party office and his mother and party President Sonia Gandhi’s residence at 10, Janpath to celebrate Rahul's birthday. Jubilant party workers burst crackers and cut a cake on the occasion.

Asked why a huge cake was prepared for this occasion one of the party workers remarked, “If every body can celebrate their own birthdays then why can't we celebrate Rahul's birthday.”

When asked what they want Rahul to be they replied that they want Rahul Gandhi to be the future Prime Minister of India.

“It is not that Rahul is hungry for this post. He is just doing his work sincerely and unconditionally. We feel that if a young and a vibrant leader like him becomes India's Prime Minister then the nation will definitely progress in a better way. Rajiv Gandhi was considered one among the international leaders and it is our dream to see Rahul Gandhi like him. Though Rahul is not present here but you can see him inside the heart of all these party workers,” mentioned a party worker.

These workers did not mind being called sycophants of Rahul Gandhi. They claimed that they had warm for Rahul and are not at all bothered with anybody commenting on their loyalty and love towards him.

The workers said, “The whole nation has warm feeling for this leader and we consider us among those fortunate.”

Besides the male party workers, the members of the All India Mahila Congress were also a part of the celebrations.

“Our good wishes are always with him. Under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and blessings of Rahul Gandhi the whole Congress Party is busy working for the country's goodwill,” said Abha Chaudhary, state president of the Mahila Congress, Delhi.

Rahul's 38th birthday was indeed a memorable occasion for the Congress Party workers. (ANI)

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