Protest against police incompetence in Amritsar

Amritsar, Oct 26 : Furious over police incompetence, locals in Amritsar vandalised public property worth lakhs on Friday.

A mob of angry locals, armed with swords, hockey sticks, batons, stones and bricks went around damaging cars, fuel stations and shops, following the death of a youth.

The deceased, a youth named Shankar, was killed by unidentified men on Thursday following an altercation.

Shop owners were the ones who suffered the most, as they said the police did nothing to protect them from the fury of the mob.

They said the police just stood by and watched as their shops were damaged and goods looted by the mob.

"Nobody is saying a word to them. The media is moving alongside them but nobody from the Punjab police was there to stop them. They were damaging shops, cars, scooters and other vehicles. They even misbehaved with a few women who were inside the shops,” said Ranjit Singh, a shop owner.

In protest, the shop owners took out another procession against the incompetence of the police in taking action during the vandalism. (ANI)