Police release Footage showing Police Cruiser Rammed into Armed Suspect at High Speed

On Tuesday, the Marana, Arizona police department released a dashboard-camera footage of an incident taken place on February 19.

The video shows a police cruiser ramming into an armed robbery suspect. The act sent the man flying into the air. Mario Valencia, 36, was able to survive the crash. Investigation was carried out in the incident during which police officer driving the car, Michael Rapiejko, was sent on administrative leave.

But now, he is back on the job and the Pima County Attorney's Office has also given him a clear chit of any wrongdoing. The video is now catching attention of people. It is time when already situation in tensed over the use of force by police across the nation.

Valencia faces many felony charges, including assault on a police officer. Marana police Sgt. Chris Warren told that Valencia robbed a convenience store in Tucson and also broke into church and invaded a home and stole a car.

He took the stolen car to Marana and from there he stole a rifle from a Wal-Mart store. Police in Arizona said the officer who intentionally used his car to run into a suspect probably saved the man’s life. But the man’s lawyer strongly disagrees.

Video has initiated a debate on what type of force should police use to detain a man having gun. “Everything in the video seems to point towards an obvious excessive use of force. It is miraculous that my client isn't dead”, affirmed attorney Michelle Cohen-Metzger.

Cohen-Metzger stated that police did not take any step to pacify the situation of man ‘clearly suicidal, clearly in crisis’.