Pitt dumped Aniston over lesbian fears

Pitt dumped Aniston over lesbian fearsMelbourne, Apr 28 : Making a rather surprising revelation, an investigative celebrity blogger and biographer has claimed that Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston because he thought she was a lesbian.

Writing on his blog, Ian Halperin, revealed that a source named Toni (who is reportedly a friend of Angelina Jolie) said Pitt started dating Jolie because his marriage to former `Friends' star wasn't fulfilling enough.

Halperin also claimed that the `Troy' star finally pulled the string on his relationship with Aniston because she never wanted to have sex with him.

"Brad likes to have sex a lot and Jennifer never wanted to sleep with him," The Daily Telegraph quoted Toni as saying.

He added: "He started to speculate that she was gay, though he never caught her with another woman or anything like that. He was very frustrated for a long time. Then he met Angelina, who is insatiable in bed, and the rest is history."

He further revealed that stories about Jennifer not wanting kids were just a ploy by Jolie to justify the affair.

The insider said: "Brad always said that was a lie. Jen actually was ready to settle down and have kids the day Friends wrapped. That's not why he left her. He really did love Jen but she just wasn't fulfilling his needs.

"I don't really know Jen and I found it hard to believe she swings both ways. When Brad confided his suspicions, I told him, `no way!'

"But when she started dating John Mayer, I thought hey maybe there is something to Brad's theory. Everybody knows that Mayer is gay. Not a big secret. I can see the appeal of him hooking up with Jennifer but what does she have to gain by dating him if she's straight?" (ANI)