Peta plans to create tofu made from Clooney''s sweat!

Peta plans to create tofu made from Clooney''s sweat!London, Mar 13 : You will soon be able to taste George Clooney - if animal rights organization PETA gets its way.

In its latest campaign aimed at creating maximum publicity, the group has announced that it would like to create tofu flavoured with the sweat of the ER star.

The organization has been offered some of George''s perspiration, apparently taken from a gym towel in Washington, DC, to kick-start the project.

Ingrid Newkirk, president of Peta, sent a letter to Clooney urging him to participate in the extraordinary venture "to spare animals from being killed for the table".

According to the Washington Post, the actor''s towel was offered for auction by a Peta supporter.

"I thought, ''What would make tofu more attractive to people?''... I can see people having parties to try CloFu,''" The Telegraph quoted Newkirk, as telling the newspaper.

She justified her plan by comparing Clooney-flavoured tofu to "making artificial chicken flavour for instant gravy".

However, the hunky star has rejected Peta''s overtures, although he clearly found the proposition amusing.

"As a mammal, I''m offended," he joked in a statement. (ANI)