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Preity’s Official Statement About Her Break-up With Ness Wadia!

Ness Wadia & Preity Zinta Finally, the dimpled-beauty Preity Zinta has formally declared that her relationship with Bombay Dyeing scion Ness Wadia is no more.

Miss Zinta sent an e-mail to her IPL team ‘Kings XI Punjab’ that Ness is only her business partner, and they do not have any personal relationship.

A source in Cape Town said, “As there has been a lot of buzz about their personal equation, Preity being extremely professional, felt it was important to clear the air.”

Preity Zinta angry with media

Preity Zinta angry with mediaBollywood diva Preity Zinta doesn't looks to be in a pretty mood and has lashed out at the media for spreading rumours about her so called break up with Ness Wadia.

Preity writes at her blog post "It's ridiculous how media sits and writes anything they feel like without even the decency and the journalistic norm of contacting all parties - well in advance - for their side of the story."

Bollywood sinks further with another barrage of flops

preity-zintaBollywood is sinking deeper and deeper and audience seems to be on a divorce pact with theaters this season. Yet another week went by and the numbers pretty much tell the tale that the color red continues to dominate Bollywood report card. AA DEKHEN ZARA, EK - THE POWER OF ONE and VIDESH - HEAVEN ON EARTH have all turned out to be flops, hence making the list further longer when it comes to box office disappointments.

Preity Zinta recalls her most harrowing experience during Videsh

videshPreity Zinta narrated to us the most harrowing experience she had while shooting for the climax scene of Deepa Mehta's Videsh - Heaven On Earth. For that particular scene in the climax, Preity was required to put her hand in a snake hole and take out a big snake and put it round her neck. That time even director Deepa Mehta was not sure Preity would manage it.

I’ve always believed whatever happens in life happens for the best -Preity Zinta

I’ve always believed whatever happens in life happens for the best -Preity ZintaPreity Zinta Is Hassled But Ever-Optimistic About The Repercussions Of The IPL Being Re-Located To South Africa. She Talks To Subhash K Jha

You sound very stressed?

These last few days have been very hard on me, thanks to all the hassles connected to the Indian Premiere League(IPL)

Was it a shock to you when the IPL was relocated to South Africa?

Deepa Mehta’s ‘Videsh - Heaven On Earth’ To Hit Indian Theatres Today!

Deepa Mehta’s ‘Videsh - Heaven On Earth’ To Hit Indian Theatres Today!  	  Videsh - Heaven On Earth is ready to release in India today.

The film, which is directed by multi-talented Deepa Mehta, has already hit theatres in Europe and the US despite the widespread talks in industry that Preity Zinta starrer is based on domestic violence and draws wide resemblance to Bachchan’s bahu starrer ‘Provoked’, which released in 2007.

Mehta however has now found the answer to this question.