Parvez Musharraf

Musharraf is ‘insane’: Nawaz Sharif

Musharraf is ‘insane’: Nawaz SharifLahore, Apr. 25 : The bitter feud between political leaders in Pakistan is once again out in the open with former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif terming former President General Prevez Musharraf `insane'.

During a press conference here, when Sharif was asked to respond on Musharraf's plan to assume charge of the country once again, the PML-N chief said: "He (Musharraf) is insane to think so."

Criticising Musharraf's eight-year-long autocratic rule, Sharif said the military rule had worsened the country's law and order situation.

Opposition ‘offended’ on being associated with Musharraf

Pervez MusharrafLahore, Feb. 13 : Former Pakistan President General Parvez Musharraf may have been circling the world garnering the support of world leaders, but it seems that the military ruler has no sympathisers in the opposition in the Punjab Assembly, which has strongly criticised the ruling party for associating with the former general.

During the on-going session of the Punjab Assembly, opposition members demanded an apology after being linked with Musharraf, saying they had been insulted.

Musharraf believes US distrust of Pakistan will continue under Obama administration

Musharraf believes US distrust of Pakistan will continue under Obama administrationLahore, Feb. 6 : Pakistan's democratic set-up may have been expecting a change of policies from the new United States administration, but according to the former Pak President General. Parvez Musharraf, the US mistrust of Pakistan regarding the `war on terror' would continue even in the Obama regime.

Musharraf said US's distrust on Pakistan would continue, and it could hamper relations between both the countries.

Musharraf plans to launch own party for another shot at Presidency

Pervez MusharrafIslamabad, Jan. 29 : After eight years of `dictatorial' rule in Pakistan, the former President Gen. Parvez Musharraf is now thinking of donning the Presidential suit by a more democratic method.

According to a report published in The Nation, Musharraf is thinking of launching a new political party in Pakistan, which he will be using as his vehicle to the country's top post.

Quoting sources privy to the former President, the paper said that a political party named "Pasdaran-e-Pakistan" is expected to be launched by the ex-military ruler.

Musharraf denies any secret deal with US over cross border attacks

Islamabad, Jan. 10 : Former Pakistan President General. Parvez Musharraf has denied the existence of any undercover deal with the US, over cross border attacks.

Musharraf stressed that Pakistan is sincere in its fight against terrorism, and it has done more than anyone else in war against terror in the region.

Reffering to the rise in the tension between India and Pakistan, Musharraf, before leaving for the US, said that India should stop talking about surgical strikes inside Pakistan's territory.

He warned India that any offensive step taken against his country would be thwarted back.

"Pakistan is ready to cope up any adventure with full force," the News quoted Musharraf, as saying.