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Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber land spy roles in rival movies

Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber land spy roles in rival moviesWashington, March 16: Real-life partners Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber have both inked deals to play spies in rival movies.

The stunning actress has been roped in to play secret agent Valerie Plan with co-star Sean Penn in ‘Fair Game’.

Schreiber, on the other hand, would share the frame with Angelina Jolie as her CIA boss in ‘Salt’.

The 41-year-old actor revealed that both of them were supporting each other to get into the skin of their similar characters.

Naomi Watts urges Oscar bosses to honor Heath with a posthumous award

Naomi WattsLondon, Feb 21 : Late Hollywood actor Heath Ledger's former girlfriend Naomi Watts has asked the Oscar bosses to honour him with a posthumous award for his role in `The Dark Knight'.

The `King Kong' actress, who dated Heath for two years, said that he deserved the award for his brilliant portrayal of `The Joker' in the flick.

"I hope he does win. He was amazing and his work should be recognized," the Daily Express quoted Watts, as saying.

Watts, who fist met Heath on the sets of Ned Kelly, revealed that she always knew that he was an extraordinary actor.

Naomi Watts’ sleepless nights with newborn

Naomi Watts’ sleepless nights with newbornWashington, Feb 19 : Hollywood actress Naomi Watts is woozy from lack of sleep, courtesy her second son Samuel.

The `King Kong' actress, who claimed that it''s easier being mom to a newborn the second time around, is always busy looking after the newborn.

"[I''m getting] no sleep - literally, because I''m feeding all through the night, He''s still eating every three to four hours," People magazine quoted Watts, as telling on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Naomi Watts’ pals scotch caesarean birth rumours

Naomi WattsMelbourne, Feb 18 : Amid rumors that Hollywood actress Naomi Watts' baby Samuel Kai was born through a caesarean operation, her close pals have revealed that the actress had a normal delivery.

The rumors began circulating after The Perez Hilton site featured paparazzi pictures of Watts standing on a balcony naked, except for a casually thrown open dressing gown, showing a still-swollen belly and an obvious caesarean scar.

However, her friends claim that the scar was there because her first child Alexander was born through a caesarean delivery.

Naomi Watts’ naked pic sparks debate about rigours of caesarean birth

Naomi WattsMelbourne, Feb 16 : Aussie actress Naomi Watts has sparked a debate about the rigours of caesarean birth after she was photographed standing naked on a Californian balcony.

The photos, which appeared on the popular gossip website Perez Hilton, showed Watts baring not only her breasts but also a still swollen lower abdomen with a vivid caesarean scar, as she stood on a balcony with her dressing gown hanging open, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Watts, 40, gave birth to her second son, Samuel Kai, just eight weeks ago, and she was seen shooting her latest film Mother and Child in Marina del Rey.

Naomi Watts wants Heath Ledger to win Oscar

Washington, Feb 14 : Hollywood actress Naomi Watts hopes that late actor Heath Ledger will win the Oscar for his role as Joker in `The Dark Knight'.