Julia Roberts

Is Julia Roberts planning to bid adieu to Hollywood?

Julia RobertsLondon, Feb 22 : Julia Roberts, who completely devoted the past year to her family life, has left Hollywood bigwigs wondering whether the actress is preparing to leave the big screen behind.

Recently, the actress admitted that she has become a stay-at-home mum and loves the experience.

"I am very fulfilled in my home life. I am a domestic artist, seriously."

She has spent the past year with her family and seems in no hurry to return to Hollywood''s gruelling demands.

Julia Roberts’ male co-stars gave her early insight into male psyche

Julia RobertsLondon, Feb 21 : American actress Julia Roberts has revealed that she is grateful to have shared screen time with the male actors she worked with, as they gave her an early insight into the male psyche.

Roberts, 41, has acted with actors Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Denzel (Washington) and Dennis Quaid, and the friendship she formed with them let her have a peek at the world of men.

The actress, who is now married to cameraman Danny Moder, admits that developing a platonic bond with the leading men helped her gain confidence around the opposite sex.

Julia Roberts plans a Broadway comeback

Julia RobertsWashington, Feb 20 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is planning to return to Broadway once again, after her debut in 2006 was badly panned by the critics.

Though Julia's Broadway play `Three Days Of Rain' with Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper lacked the expected appeal, the `Erin Brockovich' actress is keen to make a comeback.

She is even determined to make a better choice of role this time.

"I would like to do it one more time, understanding the shape of the beast better now," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Allure magazine.

Julia Roberts calls for ‘celebrity child photos’ ban

Julia Roberts calls for ‘celebrity child photos’ banWashington, Feb 20 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has blasted paparazzi for hounding celeb kids for their pictures, insisting she is "sickened" by the practise.

The Pretty Woman star has urged lawmakers to ban the paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrities'' children, and comparing famous offspring.

Julia Roberts keen to invite the Obamas to her dream dinner party

Julia RobertsNew Delhi, Feb 18 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has revealed that US President Barack Obama and his family top her dream dinner party invite list.

The `Pretty Woman' actress, who also intends to invite Diane Sawyer, Mike Nichols, Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham and Tina Fey to her dinner party, says that her invite list begins with the Obama's placed at the top.

Julia insists that her twins Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, with husband Danny Moder, can enjoy with Sasha and Malia Obama, if her dream dinner party takes place.

‘Full-time mom’ Julia Roberts says she’s never bored with family life

Julia RobertsLondon, Feb 18 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has said that she is enjoying her domestic life because her three children keep her so busy, she''s `never bored'.

The `Pretty Woman' star spent last year away from the limelight, raising her kids with husband Danny Moder; four year old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and Henry, 20 months.

However, the Oscar-winning actress insists that she doesn''t miss life as a high-profile star because she simply doesn''t have time to think about it.