Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts contemplating London theatre stint

Julia Roberts contemplating London theatre stintWashington, Mar 12 : Julia Roberts is thinking of doing a stint on the London stage, as soon as her kids grow up to move abroad.

The `Pretty Woman' star, married to Danny Moder, has not been acting since she became a mother to four-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and Henry, 20 months.

But she now wishes to return to the spotlight in the British capital''s West End theatre mecca.

Julia Roberts: I’m just stupid

Julia Roberts: I’m just stupidChicago, Mar 10 : American actress Julia Roberts has revealed during an interview about her role as a former CIA agent in "Duplicity", that she could never be a spy in real life.

Roberts, 41, and her co-star Brit actor Clive Owen play as lovers in the movie, and both have admitted that they would never have made it as real agents outside the big screen.

"I think I''d be a bad spy. I''m just too stupid," the Chicago Suntimes quoted her as saying.

Julia Roberts ‘turns producer for Jesus Henry Christ remake’

Julia Roberts ‘turns producer for Jesus Henry Christ remake’Washington, March 10 : Julia Roberts is reportedly set to turn producer for the remake of Jesus Henry Christ.

The Oscar-winning actress will allegedly produce the forthcoming independent comedy to be directed by its original filmmaker Dennis Lee.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film tells the story of a boy conceived in a petri dish and his subsequent track down of his biological father, reports Contactmusic.

There has been no word as yet if the `Pretty Woman' star would appear in the movie.

Julia Roberts shocked by ‘Duplicity’ nude scene

Julia Roberts shocked by ‘Duplicity’ nude sceneLondon, Mar 9 : Julia Roberts has admitted that she was shocked when she first went through the script of her new movie `Duplicity' - because it asked for a nude scene.

The `Pretty Women' star has a partial nude bedroom scene in the film - and had to tone down writer/director Tony Gilroy''s original vision.

"I thought, ''Y''know, just remember you''ve hired me... I''m, like, the G-rated actress,''" the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

Julia Roberts turned down Oscar invitation for kids

Julia Roberts turned down Oscar invitation for kidsLondon, Feb 28 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts snubbed an invitation to the Oscars so that she could spend the night with her children.

The stunner was offered a place at the glitzy Los Angeles event on 22 February (09), but she decided not to attend, reports The Daily Express.

Roberts has confessed that she no longer finds happiness in attending star-studded awards ceremonies, and is much happier spending a cosy evening in with her husband, Danny Moder, and their three kids: four year old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and Henry, 20 months.

Is Julia Roberts planning to bid adieu to Hollywood?

Julia RobertsLondon, Feb 22 : Julia Roberts, who completely devoted the past year to her family life, has left Hollywood bigwigs wondering whether the actress is preparing to leave the big screen behind.

Recently, the actress admitted that she has become a stay-at-home mum and loves the experience.

"I am very fulfilled in my home life. I am a domestic artist, seriously."

She has spent the past year with her family and seems in no hurry to return to Hollywood''s gruelling demands.