Julia Roberts calls for ‘celebrity child photos’ ban

Julia Roberts calls for ‘celebrity child photos’ banWashington, Feb 20 : Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has blasted paparazzi for hounding celeb kids for their pictures, insisting she is "sickened" by the practise.

The Pretty Woman star has urged lawmakers to ban the paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrities'' children, and comparing famous offspring.

"I don''t know what is going on with this crazy, bloodthirsty child hunt. Honestly, I think it should be against the law to take a picture of a celebrity''s child. And all the, ''Who''s got the cutest baby?'' Contactmusic quoted her as telling Allure magazine.

"I had to reinstate my faith in people when, one night, I was on the computer, and I ended up stumbling upon some pictures I had never seen of my children playing at a park.

"What upset me was all these comments like, ''One is cute; that other one sure is ugly.'' Even commenting nicely, what are you doing critiquing a child? It sickened me. Fortunately, it''s a rare occurrence for us," she added. (ANI)