Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistan can still win the war against terror: Zardari

Pakistan can still win the war against terror: ZardariIslamabad, Mar. 28 : The current situation in Pakistan may not be in favour of President Asif Ali Zardari, and critics may have termed him as a `failed' and `weak' leader, but Zardari himself is confident that he can overcome all difficulties.

In a rare interview with Sky. com, Zardari vowed to make Pakistan a better and stronger country in the near future, and adding it can still win its struggle against terrorism.

He announced that the battle to counter terrorism is now Pakistan''s war.

Zardari hopes his parliamentary address will go smoothly

Zardari hopes his parliamentary address will go smoothlyIslamabad, Mar. 23 : Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari is keen to ensure a smooth passage of his address to the joint sitting of parliament, scheduled for the first week of April to set off new parliamentary year.

Zardari told Prime Minister Gilani to make sure that there is no protest or walkout when he addresses the joint sitting, The Nation reports.

Gilani has already launched efforts to arrive at a consensus with opposition parties.

Foreign Policy magazine ranks Zardari fifth biggest loser in World

Asif Ali ZardariWashington, Mar. 23 : The famous Foreign Policy magazine has ranked Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari as the fifth biggest loser in the world.

"Zardari was known to be a bad guy long before he became Pakistan's president. Many of the closest friends of his late wife, Benazir Bhutto, could not stand him. Now, as it turns out, neither can most of the Pakistani people," the magazine stated.

Zardari urges Pakistan to “move on”

Zardari urges Pakistan to “move on”Islamabad, Mar. 21 : Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has urged the nation to forget the recent political crisis, and said the restoration of the sacked judges offers an opportunity to move on.

"We welcome all the judges to their pre-November 3, 2007 positions. It is time to look forward and build on what has already been achieved, it is time to forget the past and it is time to move on," the Daily Times quoted Zardari, as saying.

Manmohan Singh’s website rated far better than Zardari’s by BBC critic

Manmohan Singh’s website rated far better than Zardari’s by BBC criticLahore, Mar. 21: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s official website has been rated better than that of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari.

After comparing various South Asian leaders’ websites on the basis of layout, design and user friendliness, BBC News has given Indian prime Minister a score of six points out ten, while Zardari’s constantly “under construction” site got just four points.

PPP leaders accept Zardari’s proposal to form an alliance with PML-Q in Punjab

Zardari''s government unable to stem Taliban advance across PakistanIslamabad, Mar. 20 : Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s proposal of forming an alliance with the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid in Punjab has been accepted by senior members of the Pakistan People’s Party.

According to sources, senior leaders of his party met with Zardari at the Presidency on Thursday, and agreed with his proposal.

The meeting came after Zardari cancelled a meeting of the party’s central executive committee and decided to meet senior party leaders, the Daily Times reports.