Anne Hathaway

Meet Anne Hathaway, Ms. Goody-two-shoes!

New York, Apr 29 : When it comes to burying the hatchet, Anne Hathaway is a complete sweetheart.

Last week ''''The Princess Diaries'''' star showed up to support Natalie Portman''''s new venture- the behind-the-scenes entertainment industry Web site MakingOf. com- at Tribeca''''s Marble House.

It is believed that Portman was first considered for the role in Judy Garland''''s biopic ''''Get Happy'''', which finally went to Hathaway, thus sowing the seeds of an alleged rift between the two beauties.

"There''''s buzz in Hollywood that Natalie should have gotten the part [in the Judy Garland biopic "Get Happy"] that Anne landed," The New York Daily News quoted an industry insider as saying.

Anne Hathaway believes her ‘prince charming’ is out there!

New Delhi, 20 : Anne Hathaway has revealed that she believes true loves exists and her `prince charming' is out somewhere.

The `Devil Wears Prada' star had parted ways with Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri last year after he was arrested on fraud charges.

But that has not stopped the actress, who is now involved with actor Adam Shulman, from waiting for her "prince charming", reports the China Daily.

She said: "I think the perfect partner exists, of course I believe so. I know he''''s somewhere.

"My prince charming is kind, patient, has a sense of humour and rescues me from the dizzy, frenetic, fast-paced rhythm of this life."

Anne Hathaway goes not blue or green…but orange

Yes, the lady who plays Emma in the forthcoming chick flick Bride Wars has a scene in the movie where she was made orange by best friend and best enemy Liv played by Kate Hudson. But not just that, Anne actually walked the 5th Avenue with the look.

But the makeup required, however, was not fun and it took an hour to put it on and then a lot of scrubbing and scrubbing in the shower to try to get it off again. I don’t want to think about how much water I wasted and sometimes I would scrub so hard I would reveal bone – only joking. But it was just awful.

Marc Jacob says Anne Hathaway won’t front his ad campaign

Marc Jacob says Anne Hathaway won’t front his ad campaignWashington, Apr 9: Renowned fashion designer Marc Jacob’s has rebuffed claims that Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway may replace Victoria Beckham as the face of his ad campaign.

Though Marc Jacob’s and Hathaway have become close pals, the designer revealed that there were no plans to feature her as the face of her ad campaign.

"I''m afraid that is not true,” Contactmusic quoted a spokesman of the designer as telling People. com.

Anne Hathaway to replace Posh in Marc Jacobs ads?

London, Apr 6 : Anne Hathaway might replace Victoria Beckham as Marc Jacobs’ fashion muse, after she reportedly signed a deal with the famous designer.

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ actress has struck a friendship with Jacobs, who is believed to have promised to dress the star for upcoming red carpet events.

And if the partnership proves to be successful, Hathaway could even replace Beckham, who modelled for Jacobs'' campaigns last year.

"Marc and Anne have forged a fast but very intense friendship and they''re going to start doing public appearances together soon,” the Daily Star quoted a source as telling the Mail.

Anne Hathaway says ‘no’ to drugs

London, Feb 24 : American actress Anne Hathaway has revealed that she vowed to stay away from drugs after having a bad experience with it while at college.