Paris Hilton’s plea to dismiss contract breach suit rejected

Washington, May 20 : A Miami Federal Court judge has refused to dismiss a breach of contract lawsuit against hotel heiress Paris Hilton, and directed her to stand trial.

Paris has been accused of neglecting to honour promotion and publicity agreements related to her 2006 film `Pledge This'.

Bosses at Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc. claim that she owes investors a whopping 8.3million dollars.

Paris was said to have been paid 1million dollars for her acting services and for "reasonable promotion and publicity" for the film, which featured her as the president of an exclusive sorority.

WEG spokesperson Michael Goldberg insists that investors have suffered a loss of more than 8.3million dollars due to Paris' failure to promote the film's DVD release.

The judge hearing the heiress'' legal team to dismiss the lawsuit agreed that the case should be heard, reports Contactmusic.

The trial is scheduled to begin on June 8. (ANI)