Pak intelligence agencies make, promote and kill leaders: Benazir

Karachi, Oct 31 (ANI): Former Prime Minister Benazir BhuttoFormer Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has expressed grave concern over the role of intelligence agencies, and alleged that agencies intentionally raise the stature of some people and portray them as leaders and after acquiring their desires, wipe them out.

She referred to the example of Naik Mohammad, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi as the stature made by the agencies and now Maulana Fazlullah in Swat.

Answering a question, she said that Investigation Bureau (IB) is responsible for internal intelligence and maintaining law and order therefore blasts in her homecoming rally on October 18 was the failure of the government and IB too.

Bhutto said that she would address a public meeting in Rawalpindi next month despite a suicide attack on Tuesday.

‘I will go to Rawalpindi despite the bomb blast that occurred there on Tuesday and will hold the public meeting’, she told reporters.

However, Bhutto said that she has decided not to lead a procession in Rawalpindi because of growing security concerns.

She said that the supporters wanted her to lead a mass rally in Rawalpindi. But, blasts in Rawalpindi made her rethink her strategy.

"We don’t want to risk the lives of the people, therefore, we shall hold public meeting instead of a rally," she said.

She said that those who criticised her and the PPP should be asked to explain their position about the National Reconciliation Ordinance because the government and Presidency had approved that Ordinance.

Any move against the national reconciliation process was a conspiracy to destroy democracy in Pakistan, The Nation quoted Benazir, as saying.

Recalling the October 18 carnage, she told reporters that she has learnt that first blast occurred in a white Alto car, but PPP’s volunteers couldn’t pay attention because streetlights were switched-off.

Meanwhile, Canadian High Commissioner David Collianes met Bhutto at Bilawal House and expressed his condolence over the October 18 carnage. (ANI)