“Out of this world” music to entertain astronauts aboard space station

Space StationParis, March 6: Songs selected by a Norwegian teenager would entertain astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), when the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) – Jules Verne – delivers the playlist of the tunes to them, along with other items.

The teenager in question is fourteen-year-old Therese Miljeteig from Norway, who won ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle competition in July 2007.

In the competition, youngsters from the ten countries that participated in the ATV Programme, were invited to send in a top 10 music playlist for the astronauts onboard the ISS.

The young participants were asked to imagine what it feels like to be an astronaut on the International Space Station and select music that would inspire and brighten their day.

The panel of judges, which included ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, called Therese’s playlist “a wonderful mixture of songs that are 'out of this world'”.

Therese's playlist includes songs like “Here Comes The Sun – Beatles”, “Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra”, “Rocket Man - Elton John”, “Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes”, “Imagine - John Lennon”, “Flashdance - What A Feeling - Irene Cara”, “Walk of Life - Dire Straits”, “Fly - Celine Dion”, “Rockin' All Over The World - Status Quo”, and, “I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly”.

When asked how she came up with the playlist, Therese said, “I actually didn’t think very hard about the tracks, I just chose the ones that came into my mind and that seemed to fit.”

As the winner of the ATV competition, Therese and her family will be traveling to Europe’s Spaceport. Here they will watch the Jules Verne ATV soaring into the sky in the morning of March 9, 2008.

Jules Verne - the ATV - is Europe’s new supply vessel for the International Space Station that will bring vital supplies such as oxygen, fuel and scientific equipment to the Space Station. (ANI)