Nvidia’s First-ever Living Room Entertainment Console goes on Sale

Technology company Nvidia, announced that the company's first-ever entertainment console has gone on sole on Thursday. Nvidia has named the new product 'Shield'.

According to the Santa Clara headquartered company, Tegra X1 processor makes the 'Shield' very powerful. Due to its processor, the 'Shield' is able to deliver about 25 times the performance of popular streaming devices. The device is capable of providing genuine home theatre experience to users with its lively10-bit color display and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. In addition, the device offer popular applications like Netflix, Google Play and YouTube.

On its website, Nvidia wrote, "Say 'Oscar-winning movies' or 'launch Netflix' and let Google's advanced voice commands do the work for you. Get personalised recommendations on your home screen. Even cast a show or pictures to your TV from your PC, Android, or iOS device with built-in Google Cast".

Gaming capabilities of the device are even more impressive. The gaming quality does not match Xbox or PlayStation, but still there are about two hundreds Android games that can be played with Grid cloud gaming service of Nvidia.

A wireless game controller is very much similar in design to the Xbox handset. Another impressive thing is that the controller comes within the package. There are also options for the attachment of a headset which means that other people in the house will not hear the game's sound.

A user can also buy a single-handed remote as an extra. The standard model of Nvidia's 'Shield' comes with a memory of about 16 GB of storage. The price of the standard model is about $AU260, while the pro model that come with a 500 GB of storage costs about $AU391.